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Enjoy the Buying Power of a Sam’s Club Annual Membership for Just $25


If you’re smart about your shopping, you can still find deals and discounts out there that can help you get all of your essentials for less. Sure, everything seems to be getting more expensive, but knowing where to shop and how to access the best deals can help offset that. A great way to approach that is with membership-only warehouse stores like Sam’s Club, where you can save money on all of your usual purchases by buying in bulk. You can currently get a full year’s membership to Sam’s Club for just $25 on StackSocial, which is 50% off. Note that this deal is available only for new members and membership must be activated within 30 days of your purchase. 

Sam’s Club can help you save on everyday purchases. You’ll also get exclusive prices at select Sam’s Club gas pumps, along with free flat-tire repair, battery testing and windshield-wiper replacement. And your membership comes with additional perks outside of the store, such as discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions, movies and more

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Sam’s Club sells more than just everyday goods, too. The big-box store has a huge selection of electronics like TVs and robot vacuums, as well as furniture, clothing, jewelry, games and plenty of other items. So no matter what you use it for, your Sam’s Club membership will pay for itself in no time. 

Plus, with your Sam’s Club membership, you can get curbside pickup for a flat fee of $4 an order, which is a massive time-saver when you’ve got a busy week, as well as a same-day delivery option for just $12 an order.

Note, however, that this deal is only for new memberships (or those whose memberships lapsed over six months ago) and not renewals, and once you sign up, your membership will automatically renew each year at the standard price until you cancel. If you decide you do want to cancel, you can do that on the company’s website. 

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