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Cybertruck Owner Breaks His Finger Trying to Show Vehicle Is Safe


What happens when you stick your finger in the closing trunk—or, in this case, the “frunk”—of a Tesla Cybertruck? It’s a question that way too many Cybertruck owners are asking themselves these days. And a new video posted to YouTube appears to show the most grotesque answer to date.

The video, uploaded on Sunday by YouTube user Joe Fay, starts by explaining that viewers thought he was cheating in a previous video by not just letting the frunk close properly.

“In my last video everybody kept saying that when the Tesla Cybertruck was coming down on my finger that I pushed up to make it open up and sense my finger but that’s just not true,” Fay explains.

“And to prove that wrong I’m going to put my finger completely flat against the Cybertruck this time. I’m not going to hover it. I’ll put it completely flat and see if it crushes my finger because everybody is asking,” Fay continues.

Incredibly, the content creator even tries it out with a stick first, which promptly breaks in half.

“But first I’m going to test it out with this stick. This is exactly what I’m going to do with my finger. I’m going to put it right there and hopefully my finger doesn’t break like that but let’s find out,” Fay says.

We’ll let you watch the video for yourself to see what happens next.


Well, that was exactly what you’d expect to happen, isn’t it?

These videos may have been funny at first, but watching someone literally break their finger in this perverse display of faith in Tesla or Cybertrucks or Elon Musk more broadly is getting pretty disturbing.

Amazingly, YouTuber Jeremy Judkins, one of the people who tried this in a viral video earlier and had the frunk close hard on his finger, told Business Insider that an engineer at Tesla told him he was doing it wrong. How? Apparently rather than interpreting your tapping on the car as a plea for help as it crushes your bones, the Cybertruck thinks you want the door to close harder. Seriously.

From Business Insider:

Judkins said that after the finger test, a lead cybertruck engineer at Tesla said he did the video wrong.

The engineer told him the frunk increases in pressure every single time it closes and detects resistance, Judkins said. It’s going to assume you want to close the frunk and maybe something like a bag is getting in the way, which would make it close harder.

“Using this information, that means it closed on my finger harder than my hand and way harder than my arm,” the YouTuber wrote.

And if you think that’s bad, it gets even worse. Judkins tried a new experiment with a bag, and it still closed in a horrific way.

Judkins said the algorithm should favor safety instead of a bag getting in the way. But even when Judkins put a bag in the way of closing the frunk, it still closed, which meant it didn’t quite respond to resistance the way it should have.

Gizmodo isn’t aware of any videos showing a finger that’s been severed while trying this trick. At least not yet. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before someone completely chops off a finger.

Please don’t do this with a Cybertruck. Other vehicles have sensors that recognize something foreign like a human finger is in the way and doesn’t actively try to harm you. It’s not worth losing a digit while proving you’re worthy of the Musk cult. But if you do decide this is how you’d like to prove your worth, make sure you upload it to YouTube so the world can see what a dumbass you are.

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