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X-Men ’97’s New (Old) Marvel Superhero Suits Explained


Magneto isn’t the only one gone to the dark side in “Tolerance is Extinction” — Rogue has joined him. She, too, has a new suit.

Lee drew Rogue with the curly flow she’s known for, plus her outfit of a green-and-yellow bodysuit with a short bomber jacket on top. Before that, when Rogue was a villain (and during her early days with the X-Men), she wore a simple green outfit — which was glimpsed in the original series episode “A Rogue’s Tale” during a flashback to her checkered past. Her new outfit in “Tolerance is Extinction” looks most like Rogue’s outfit during the 2000s (specifically in Mike Carey’s “X-Men”); a hooded green cloak with white stripes. 

As for Jubilee, she keeps her yellow long jacket and pink shades, but ditches her pink shirt and blue shorts for a black leather catsuit she picked out while shopping with Roberto during the last episode. She turned 18 back in episode 4, “Motendo,” so her ditching her rather “90s teenager” outfit tracks. This particular costume looks like the one she had in the 2010 mini-series “Wolverine and Jubilee” (drawn by Phil Noto). 

Sunspot finally gets an actual X-Men costume too, resembling the yellow-and-black uniform ones the New Mutants wore. Too bad he leaves the X-Men too soon to make it count.

The X-Men who don’t get new costumes are everyone’s favorite blue boys, Beast and Nightcrawler. Beast wasn’t part of the Dave Cockrum X-Men line-up and Nightcrawler wasn’t part of the Jim Lee one, so there aren’t clear “before and after” costumes for them. 

“X-Men ’97” is streaming on Disney+.

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