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Star Trek’s Walter Koenig Knew How To Bring Chekov to The Next Generation


Koenig recalls first talking to Brannon Braga, one of the main writers on “Next Generation,” and the man who would eventually co-create and run “Star Trek: Voyager.” While sitting with other writers, Koenig was shocked to see everything abruptly end. He said: 

“I met with the people at ‘The Next Generation.’ I met first with Brannon Braga. I don’t remember if they invited me or if I suggested that we get together and talk about me doing a guest role. Then he wanted me to meet with the entire writing crew. We were in discussions about what this appearance could be because there were restrictions, like no time travel. Then the meeting was canceled, right in the middle of the meeting itself. They were getting to the end of their last season and they were also preparing for the finale.” 

It’s worth noting that the two-hour “Next Generation” finale dovetailed directly into production on “Generations,” which was released in theaters only four months after the series ended. It was indeed a busy time, and Koenig was already in talks to be in the movie. One can see why executive producer Rick Berman felt he could simply end a meeting with Walter Koenig. Sadly, it seems like the meeting was never picked up again, and Koenig had to just go home.

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