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One Original Star Trek Guest Actor Wasn’t Fully On Board With The Naked Time Episode


When asked about what he remembered about shooting “The Naked Time,” Moss had a complaint, and clearly one that has been bugging him for decades. Firstly, he described the scene he was in thus: 

“My first scene was with Leonard Nimoy, down from the Enterprise on an alien planet. […] [W]e’re in a space station full of frozen bodies. Spock tells me not to touch anything and he leaves to look around. While I’m taking a reading on a wall, my nose starts itching, so I take my glove off and touch the same wall, inviting a space germ to drizzle down onto my hand, impregnating it with an alien disease that causes me and anyone who touches me — and then anyone who touches anyone who touched me — to lose all control of our emotional safeguards and, in short, go batty.” 

Moss clearly understood his role in the story and the workings of the alien disease. For those unfamiliar, “The Naked Time” is the episode in which Sulu (George Takei) leaps about the hallways of the Enterprise with no shirt, wielding a fencing rapier. Sulu did that because he was infected with drunkenness. 

Moss also seemed to grasp exactly what Starfleet was and began to form a (surprisingly accurate) headcanon about it. This was long before nerdy Trekkies gathered at convention halls to nitpick details about individual episodes and gather together a working theogony of vital canonical “Star Trek” events. Marc Daniels directed “The Naked Time,” and Moss recalls pulling him aside to question Tormelon’s brazen idiocy. 

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