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New Acolyte Clip Shows Stunningly-Choreographed Force-Powered Duel



  • A new previous for The Acolyte features a thrilling Jedi battle between Indara and Mae in a cantina.
  • Carrie-Ann Moss’s character, Indara, draws inspiration from her role as Trinity in
    The Matrix
    series, particurly her fighting style.
  • The series will showcase stunning fight choreography and a new side to Jedi not seen before in live-action
    Star Wars


Carrie-Anne Moss’s Jedi Master Indara faces Amandla Stenberg’s Mae in a tense, close-quarters fight between two force-sensitive warriors in a new preview of The Acolyte. Set during the final days of the High Republic era, Jedi are left stunned as a mysterious assailant murders members of the order across the galaxy, reuniting a master and former padawan in hopes of finding the culprit. Created by Leslye Headland, The Acolyte stars Stenberg, Moss, Lee Jung-Jae, Daphne Keen, Charlie Bennett, Manny Jacinto, Headland Jodie Turner-Smith, Rebecca Henderson, and Joonas Suotamo.

With less than a month until The Acolyte premieres, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has uploaded a short TV spot centered on one of the series’ earliest battles.

Utilizing footage shown from previews screened alongside the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the clip sees a confrontation between Indara and Mae escalate into a fight taking across multiple floors of a cantina, as Indara recognizes Mae’s past training in the order’s doctrines. While the clip is edited down from the full sequence, the footage still showcases an escalating fight going from hand-to-hand combat to force-propelled daggers vs a lightsaber.

The Acolyte’s Fight Choreography Is Absolutely Stunning

With Moss’s Acolyte character being inspired by one of her most well-known roles, it is unsurprising to see how adept Indara is at combat despite following the Jedi’s path of peace. When discussing the creation of Indara for the series, Headland noted that Indara was inspired by Moss’ hacker and resistance fighter Trinity from The Matrix series and an expert in what has been described as “Force-Fu” fighting, making her one of the Order’s most powerful fighters. However, Indara is far from the only powerful fighter that will feature in The Acolyte.


Unraveling The Mystery Of Star Wars’ New Sith Lord: Who Is The Acolyte’s Villain, & How Do They Fit Into The Show’s Story?

The Acolyte’s recent trailer gave a better look at the new Sith Lord of The High Republic, and there are several clues to who they may actually be.

As seen across both of The Acolyte‘s currently released trailers, Jedi Knights will be thrown into an era when new threats rise from the darkness. As such, the series sees a majority of its cast take on sequences that feature them performing their own stunts, be it hand-to-hand showdowns between Mae and Masters Indara and Sol (Jung-Jae), to the standoff between a masked, red lightsaber-wielding warrior and a group of Jedi. With choreography boasting experienced performers, enthusiastic newcomers like Stenberg, and wire-work, The Acolyte is prepared to show a new side to the order that is less restrained.

While not the full teaser scene from The Acolyte that audiences enjoyed following their screenings of The Phantom Menace‘s anniversary screenings, the latest spot for The Acolyte is a perfect tease of what the series has in store. Between hints of Mae’s past and a showcase of her and Indara’s prowess, the series’ Jedi feel unlike anything seen before in live-action Star Wars projects. As such, the short clip may leave viewers wondering just who will be walking away from this cantina fight.

The Acolyte
‘s two-episode premiere releases on Disney+ on June 4

Source: Star Wars/ YouTube

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