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Lilian Afegbai Weeps Profusely As She Congratulates Her Colleague, Kehinde Bankole Over Her AMVCA Win; She Reacts (Video)


Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai couldn’t stop herself from crying for joy over her colleague and long-time friend Kehinde Bankole’s AMVCA win.

It is no longer news that the talented actress beat other nominees at the just concluded AMVCA 10th edition to win the Best Actress award.

Tearfully celebrating her friend, Lilian expressed how happy she was for her as she stated that it had been long overdue for the movie star.

“I know you guys don’t know how close I am to Kenny, but I am so happy. I am so happy for her; it’s been long overdue like I am so happy for Kehinde Bankole”.

Reposting the video on her Instagram page, Kehinde noted how the love has been real as she described Lilian as her no-stress friend and revealed their motto for life, which is ‘pick up where we left off’.

She stated that she and Lilia have hardly fought about anything; she is such a simple and happy vibe soul. Expressing her love for her, she appreciated her for the message.

“The love has been real… This means a lot to me, @lillyafe, my friend; indeed, we have a motto; she is my no-stress friend; our motto is “Pick up where we left off” We may not see each other for months, but once we link up we just continue like we never left, we hardly ever fought about anything, such a simple happy vibe soul. Please celebrate, my friend, guys. This is a thank you post, Lilly. I love you, ‘Akanchawa baddie!’

Lilian isn’t the only close friend of Kehinde who has celebrated her AMVCA win. On Sunday, Toyin Abraham couldn’t withhold her happiness for Kehinde Bankole as she serenaded her, hailing her. She declared the movie star the best actress in Africa and expressed pride in her.

Sharing the video online, Kehinde expressed love for her, as she described Toyin as her friend with a fine face who loves to play too much.

A day before the AMVCA, Bankole had gotten the internet talking m over her appearance at the AMVCA Cultural Day event. Kehinde showed up in an outfit which showed off her cleavage. The movie star looked quite uncomfortable in the outfit, and this had gotten many talking.

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