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Coherence is One of the Best High-Concept Sci-Fi Thrillers You’ve Never Seen


Shane Carruth’s 2004 movie “Primer” has a legendary reputation among cinephiles as perhaps the preeminent mind-bending low-budget science fiction movie of the modern era. That’s a fascinating movie, and absolutely worth seeking out if you’ve never seen it. But it’s also notoriously complex — so much so that there’s a whole infographic dedicated to trying to untangle the web of timelines from “Primer.” It’s all but impossible to understand everything you’re seeing on first viewing, and that’s actually a big part of the reason it has such devoted fans.

“Coherence,” on the other hand, shares a similar low-fi aesthetic and thrilling, reality-warping premise, but it also doesn’t disappear so far down the rabbit hole that you need a guide to understand it. It’s captivating enough that it easily holds your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but isn’t so opaque that you’ll leave the film confused and unsatisfied. That doesn’t mean “Coherence” is dumb: In fact, I think it’s so effective that it should be passed around and discussed among cinephiles in the same breath as “Primer.” Small budget be damned: “Coherence” belongs in the pantheon of modern sci-fi classics.

We spoke a little about “Coherence” (and several other movies) on today’s episode of the /Film Daily podcast, which you can listen to below:

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