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Chris Pratt Reacts To Garfield Creators 10/10 Review Of His Voice


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  • Chris Pratt received a perfect review score from
    creator Jim Davis for his voice in the upcoming
    The Garfield Movie
  • Pratt expressed gratitude to director Mark Dindal for guiding him to embody Garfield, reacting to the news of Davis’ review for the first time.
  • The actor was pleasantly shocked by Davis’ recognition, feeling proud to voice a character he admired as a child.


Ahead of his starring role in The Garfield Movie, Chris Pratt reacted to character creator Jim Davis’ perfect review score for his voice in the upcoming feature film. The movie sees Pratt take on the role of the classic orange tabby in the upcoming animated adventure comedy. The actor previously portrayed Mario in 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie, making this the second year in a row he’ll be voicing a classic pop culture character.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Pratt learned that Davis, who created the titular character in the upcoming The Garfield Movie, had given his voice a perfect score in how well it fit the orange feline. The actor expressed how grateful he was for Davis’ review, giving credit to director Mark Dindal for how he wound up playing the protagonist. Check out what Pratt had to say below:

I’m just gonna bask in that for a second. Jim Davis signed off? This is the first I’ve heard that. That’s beautiful. That makes me feel really proud. That’s awesome. It’s shocking to think that he would even know who I am. You know what I’m saying? It’s Jim Davis! I remember seeing him at the bottom of every cartoon of every Garfield comic strip as a kid. That’s cool.

Mark Dindal, our director, was really adamant that he heard my voice coming out of Garfield’s mouth before he ever even had a conversation with me. He knew who he wanted this character to be. He knew what he wanted him to sound like. And in that regard, that’d be a note you could give to another actor. Say, “Sound just like Chris Pratt.” Or you can just tell me, “Chris, just show up. Share yourself, share your heart, share your voice, and share your spirit with this character.” And that’s what I did. In that regard, it really took the pressure off. I didn’t feel like I had to recreate what had been done before. I just needed to be present and be there. And I’m grateful.

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