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A Clockwork Orange Director Stanley Kubrick Painted An Actor’s Nether Regions


Wyeth made regular appearances throughout the 1970s on British TV and in various films. Fans of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” might recognize her as the pretty nude woman making out with Eric Idle in “Owl-Stretching Time” when he sang “And Did Those Teeth in Ancient Times,” or as the woman from “Full-Frontal Nudity” who said “I’m not your grace, I’m your Elsie.” Later, she would appear in the vampire film “Twins of Evil” and in Peter Collinson’s drama “Straight On Till Morning.” She retired in 1977 after appearing in “No. 1 of the Secret Service,” a not-very-notable James Bond knockoff.

In “A Clockwork Orange,” Wyeth had no lines and was only required to engage in simulated coitus with Malcolm McDowell while the Victorian-era crowd looked on. In the EW article, McDowell remembered talking to Kubrick about Wyeth, clarifying that he was already friends with her as he knew her husband, actor Michael Bangerter. McDowell recalled the day of the shoot and the awkward scene Kubrick made. It seems that, because Wyeth was to appear nude, Kubrick had no compunctions about asking her to disrobe. Wyeth wasn’t taken aback, however, and happily stripped.

McDowell remembered Kubrick saying, perhaps grossly, “I thought you were a blonde.” Evidently, Kubrick envisioned this “Clockwork Orange” scene as featuring a woman with yellow-blonde pubic hair. This wasn’t something that might be noticed in the final cut of the movie, but it seems it was yet another detail that Kubrick was obsessed with. A brave makeup girl (that McDowell didn’t name) stepped forward and said she could fix the problem.

Out came the paintbrushes.

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