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You can walk across this entire property in less than four steps – so why is it so expensive?


It’s a tight squeeze in here! (Picture: Jam Press/Aztec Sales and Lettings)

Fancy yourself a super skinny home? One UK property that’s now available to let is just 9ft wide – but the price tag doesn’t quite match the space.

Post-Marie Kondo, minimalism is on the up. It’s increasingly ‘out’ to have too many belongings, and as Gen Z and Millennials are colloquially regarded as ‘Generation Rent,’ many simply don’t have the luxury of lots of space.

That’s where the appeal of a tiny home could come in – I mean, if you can’t afford a huge apartment and you don’t have many belongings, it’s a simple, money-saving equation, right? Wrong.

The rent for this Milton Keynes property (which largely resembles a porch, FYI) is a whopping £1,050 per month.

It’s cheaper than the average rent in MK, which increased to £1,199 in 2024 from £1,099, but with so little room to move around, you’d hope so.

From the outside, the pad looks to be an extension attached to a house, almost like a front porch through which to welcome guests. But nope, that’s actually the whole deal.

Fancy yourself a tiny home? (Picture: Jam Press/Aztec Sales and Lettings)

On entering, tenants are met with a flight of stairs in the living room, which is so teeny tiny that there’s only room for a sofa, which faces the kitchen sink (much like the meme-worthy set-up of many apartments in New York City, which are notorious for their odd, space-saving set-ups).

Meanwhile, the kitchenette has a sink, oven and washing machine, as well as a small cabinet which houses a microwave on top – all of which has been fitted beneath the stairs.

It’s also a squeeze to the bathroom from here, another compact area which crowds in a toilet, sink and shower.

Upstairs, there’s a teeny tiny bedroom with just enough space for a double bed – but funnily enough, the wardrobe has been housed elsewhere, sitting on top of the staircase.

The property does at least come with a driveway – so when you run out of space for your belongings, you could stash some extra storage crates inside your car.

You could watch your oven instead of a TV (Picture: Jam Press/Aztec Sales and Lettings)

Coming in at £1,050 per month, the rental price does include bills – but there’s a catch, as the tenant will need to commit to a whole year as the minimum tenancy length is 12 months.

The costs don’t end there, as the deposit comes in at £1,211, more than one month’s rent.

‘We are delighted to offer this unique property as a fully furnished rental,’ the listing, let by Aztec Sales and advertised on Rightmove, reads.

‘This is a recently built one-bedroom property. All fixtures & fittings are of beautiful design.

‘A lot of care and attention has been given to maximise the living space.’

Would you go for it?

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