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McDonald’s is giving customers a little taste of Japan with new launch


Let’s take a closer look at all the Hello Kitty and Friends characters you can get in a Happy Meal and their makeovers.

Hello Kitty x Dark Magician

Hello Kitty herself wears the same cone-shaped purple hat as seen on the Dark Magian. 

My Melody x Dark Magician Girl

Hello Kitty’s best friend is also part of the collection. The white rabbit, created by Japanese lifestyle brand Sanrio just like all of Hello Kitty’s pals, has been powered up with inspiration from the Dark Magician Girl card.

Pompompurin x Exodia The Forbidden One

The golden retriever, who usually wears a brown beret, now has a gold headpiece inspired by the Exodia The Forbidden One Yu-Gi-Oh! card,

Bad Batz-Maru x Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Known for his permanent unamused facial expression, the Sanrio-designed penguin wears black dragon headpiece with red eyes.

Cinnamon Roll x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Sanrio’s cute white puppy has a new design incorporating the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card.

Kerokerokeroppi x Kuriboh

Straight from his house on Donut Pond, the frog looks adorable wearing a brown ensemble with a close likeness to Kuriboh.

Tuxedosam x Obelisk The Tormentor

The Obelisk The Tormentor card may look menacing but merged with Tuxedosam, the smartest penguin in the Hello Kitty universe, he actually looks very adorable.

Kuromi x Slifer The Sky Dragon

Kuromi is a white rabbit character from the My Melody universe. Her black hat has swapped out for a dragon head dress inspired by the Slifer The Sky Dragon card.

Chococat x The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Chocoat is decked out in gold just like The Winged Dragon of Ra card.

Pochacco x Time Wizard 

The cute white pup, who appears in the Hello Kitty and Friends universe, is seen in the McDonald’s collection doing his signature pose with garments designed to mimic the Time Wizard card.

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