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Best Wireless Car Chargers for 2024


We evaluate wireless car chargers using a few different criteria, including design, features, performance and value.

When we look at the design, we check whether the mount adheres securely to either the dashboard or air vent (certain mounts also fit in CD slots or cup holders) and test how durable it is over at least two weeks of use.

For features, we look at including an auto-clamping mechanism, MagSafe compatibility and what sort of power adapter and cable are included. Some charging cables are integrated into the charger’s design while others have a detachable cable. Also, some power adapters have additional ports for plugging in a second cable, allowing you to charge a second device.

When it comes to performance, we look at how strong a magnet might be on the mount and what the wireless charging speeds are for iPhones and Android devices.

In selecting best products, we also take into account how much bang for the buck they offer. Value is determined by the quality of the product in relation to its price.

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