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Save $29 Off Apple’s Latest M2 iPad Air, Including the Brand-New 13-Inch Version


Now that Apple’s M2 iPad Air is official, you might be wondering how long it will be before we see the hot new device available at a discount. There are tons of iPad deals to be had across the lineup right now, and amazingly the M2 iPad Air is no different. It might not go on sale until Wednesday, but you can already place your preorder and save $29 off your new tablet. This discount is available on both the refreshed 11-inch iPad Air and brand-new 13-inch model. However, do note that it isn’t available in all colors, so make sure the one you choose is the right price before finalizing that order.

Choosing between the 11- and 13-inch models is just a case of picking the one with the screen size that best suits your needs, although the pricing is obviously different. The 11-inch M2 iPad Air can now be had for just $570, while those looking to pick up the monster 13-inch version will pay $770.

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Both tablets come with stunning Liquid Retina displays as well as Touch ID for authentication and Apple Pay purposes. The entry-level models come with 128GB of storage while the M2 chip, which powered the previous-gen iPad Pro, will make light work of any game or app that you care to throw at it. Need more storage? The 256GB version is also available with the same $30 discount.

The new iPad Air is easily among the best tablets around (or it will be come Wednesday) and now is your chance to put one in your bag for less. We don’t know how long this deal is going to stick around though, so make sure to place your order now if you want to lock this deal in.

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