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Learn in Bite-Sized Chunks With a $60 Headway Premium Lifetime Subscription


It can be increasingly difficult to focus on personal growth as our lives and schedules get increasingly busy. But it’s important to keep on learning, broadening our horizons and picking up new skills. Doing it on a timescale to suit you is key, and Headway is an app that takes knowledge and distills it into easy-to-consume chunks. It isn’t necessarily the cheapest option, and monthly subscriptions can be annoying. But right now a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium costs just $60 rather than the usual $300. Do keep in mind that StackSocial deals don’t always stick around for long, so factor that into your buying decision here.

Headway serves up 15-minute summaries of nonfiction books, with recommendations based on your needs and goals. It’s designed to help people with packed schedules pick up noteworthy lessons from top-selling titles. A one-year subscription to Headway runs $90, which means this deal saves you a chunk off the first year alone. And opting for the lifetime subscription via StackSocial means you’ll never have to worry about recurring fees.

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Headway offers a wide variety of the best nonfiction books, which have been boiled down into summaries with key insights and tips. You can dive into multiple topics, including productivity, self-growth and happiness, and you can customize the app based on your recommendations. There are also audio summaries for folks who want to learn on the go or prefer to digest information in audio form. If you want to share the app with a partner or friends, there’s a plan for two users available for $110, or you can get a family plan with four users for $150.

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