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Best Apple Studio Display Deals: Up to $300 Off a Stunning 27-Inch 5K Monitor


The Apple Studio Display is one of our favorite monitors for people who own a Mac and also want a 27-inch 5K display to go with it. That size and resolution combo ensure you’ll get a Retina output, making text look sharper and better than ever There aren’t that many alternatives on the market for those who absolutely must have a Retina experience, and none of them are cheap. Apple’s monitor is among the best, and right now you can bag one with up to $300 off to make that price a little less scary.

The Studio Display monitor debuted back in March 2022 and hasn’t changed since, which means you’ll be getting the latest model no matter which configuration you buy. It has a 27-inch 5K Retina screen, an A13 chip, a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera with Center Stage and a high-fidelity, six-speaker sound system.

Apple Studio Display Apple Studio Display


How much does the Apple Studio Display cost?

You can buy the Studio Display starting at $1,599 (£1,499, AU$2,499), or $1,499 for those eligible for Apple’s education discount. You can also upgrade to nano-texture glass ($300) and a tilt- and height-adjustable stand ($400).

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Best Apple Studio Display deals

Besides Apple, there are a few retailers that have the Studio Display available for purchase. And while wait times were pretty long upon release, now retailers have some available for immediate purchase, with only a few models that are harder to track down. Some only have select configurations available, so check the retailer websites for what’s in stock as well as expected delivery dates. 

Amazon is currently offering a number of discounts across the Apple Studio Display lineup including $300 off the base model with a tilt-adjustable stand and the standard display finish. Note that these deals can often fluctuate though, so be sure to check your preferred configuration before ordering.

It’s a small discount, but Adorama is offering savings on the nano-textured glass model of the Apple Studio display at the moment. You can pick it up with the tilt-adjustable stand for $1,865, which saves you $34.

Best Buy has nearly all configurations of the Apple Studio Display available to buy with varying discounts including $300 off the standard one with a tilt-adjustable stand.

If you order your Studio Display directly from Apple, there aren’t any straightforward discounts for most people, but you can pay in installments with your Apple Card and enjoy 3% cash back. However, if you’re a student, Apple offers a $100 discount on all configurations at its education store. Additionally, most Apple stores offer same-day in-store pickup, as well as next-day delivery in certain areas. Be sure to check your ZIP code on the company’s site for specific information about your location.

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