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Who is Hailey Grice? Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Net Worth


• Hailey Grice is a social media star, model and former competitive cheerleader.
• She is known for her Instagram account with nearly 700,000 followers.
• She was formerly in a relationship with YouTuber Dylan Dauzat.
• She is 22 years old, and has an estimated net worth of over $20,000.
• Her former boyfriend Dylan Dauzat is an actor, film producer and musician.

Hailey Grice Wiki Bio

Hailey Grice was born in Charlotte, North Carolina USA, on 5 November 1998 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She’s a social media star, model and a former competitive cheerleader, who’s probably known best for her Instagram account, which is today followed by close to 700,000 people. She’s uploaded over 260 pictures, most of which have her breasts and buttocks in focus.

Early life, parents and education

Hailey was raised alongside her brother Nicolas in Charlotte, by their parents who prefer to be left out of media, thus nothing about them is known; it’s widely believed that their father’s a doctor and their mother a nurse.

Hailey became interested in gymnastics while attending a local elementary school and upon enrolling at a local high school, she began playing soccer, running track and practicing cheerleading. She appeared in a couple of school plays, wanting to test her acting skills, however, she eventually decided to focus on cheerleading and competed for around six years before retiring from the sport. Hailey matriculated in 2016, and as she hasn’t spoken of her further education, it’s believed that she didn’t enroll at college.

Career as a social media star

Hailey’s active on various other social media networks besides Instagram.

She launched her Twitter account in August 2011, and is today followed by more than 12,000 people, while she tends to tweet at least once a week; she’s following back around 100 people. There are two Facebook pages made for Hailey, both of which are followed by more than 10,000 people. She’s highly active on TikTok, and is followed by more than 66,000 people while she’s amassed close to 170,000 views of all her videos combined; these videos most often feature her attractive body.

She launched her YouTube channel on 23 November 2011, and it’s today subscribed to by over 360 people, while she has gathered close to 20,000 views of all her 15 videos combined. The channel has been abandoned for seven years now.

Love life and boyfriend

Hailey’s quite secretive when it comes to her love life, and has only spoken of a single boy whom she has been with, while there are various rumors circulating the internet concerning both her sexual orientation and her past and present relationships.

It was revealed in the early 2018 that Hailey was dating Dylan Dauzat, an American YouTuber and a social media star who’s a year older than her. They were featured in each other’s videos and Instagram pictures, but the relationship lasted for only a couple of months as the two split in the mid-2018 for unknown reasons.

It was reported in April 2020 that Hailey was quarantined with Dan Bilzerian, a famous American actor, businessman and amateur poker player, and there are rumors circulating the internet that they were dating, but none of this has been confirmed.

As of May 2021, Hailey’s single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Hailey’s favorite season is summer, as she enjoys showing off her body at the beach, sun tanning and swimming in the ocean. She also enjoys winter because she likes to ski.

She’s keen on travelling, and her modelling career has taken her to various US states, while she’s also been to a couple of European countries, including France and Italy.

Hailey enjoys leading a lavish lifestyle, and can be seen eating at only the most expensive restaurants, and staying at the most luxurious of hotels.

Hailey Grice

She’s physically active, as it’s very important for her career to stay fit. Hailey has a couple of training sessions at the gym each week, and is also following a strict diet.

In her spare time which is mostly late at night, she enjoys watching movies starring her favorite actor Matt Damon, such as “Good Will Hunting”, “Jason Bourne” and “The Martian”.

Age, height and net worth

Hailey’s age is 22; she has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m), she weighs around 115lbs (52kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-26-39; she wears bra size 30C.

As of May 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $20,000.

Who is her former boyfriend Dylan Dauzat?

Dylan Dauzat was born in Louisiana, USA, on 2 November 1997 – his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he holds American nationality. He’s an actor, film producer and the owner of the company Magnolia Home Inspections, LLC, located in Louisiana.

He was raised alongside his younger sisters Alli Marie and Sophie Dauzat by their parents, who prefer to be left out of media, however, it’s known that they are highly religious. Dylan attended a local high school, at which he was interested in playing sports and acting in school plays; upon matriculating in 2015, he chose not to enroll at college but to focus on his career.

Dylan has three acting credits – he made his debut film appearance in the 2017 comedy “The Nerd Posse”, and the same year saw him star as Jonah in the comedy “Hacking High School” which also starred James Boyd and Griffin Arnlund but failed to attract any attention. Later that year Dylan played Nick in three episodes of the family series “Hyperlinked”, which aired 11 episodes before being cancelled for low ratings.

He’s a former musician who released his debut single “Kickin It” on 1 November 2014, and on 14 February 2015, he released his second single “Mine Tonight”, followed by the eponymous extended play (EP) on 4 June 2015.

He’s an Instagram star with over 1.1 million followers, while he’s uploaded around 600 pictures, most of which have been taken during his everyday life. Dylan’s also a YouTuber, having launched his channel on 29 December 2012, and which is today subscribed to by more than 650,000 people, and numbers close to 40 million views of all his videos combined. His most popular video “NEVER HAVE I EVER W/ BABY ARIEL” has been watched over 2.5 million times since 28 August 2016.

In 2015, Dylan began dating American model Nicki Gruttadauria, and the relationship lasted for around a year when they broke-up and he began dating Liora Lapointe, an American social media star. Following their split, he began dating Hailey, and since June 2018, Dylan has been in a relationship with Hanna Kay, an American model.

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